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Gypsy Juice High VG eLiquid

Calling all cloud-chasers, VG lovers, and Vapor Chucker's we have a new line of e Liquid just for you.  Our Gypsy Juice High VG eLiquid does not compromise on flavor while still chucking some serious vapor. The line was built with drippers in mind. We are offering the flavors in only one ratio 80% Vegetable Glycerin and 20% Propylene Glycol, and in 5 nicotine strengths; 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg. Meet the Gypsy Juice high VG eliquid line below.

Gypsy Juice High VG eLiquid

Charmed Robberyis an amazingly succulent blend of berry and sour. As it rolls across your tongue and you take take a deep inhale, you'll enjoy the intense sour, and as you exhale the sweet berry will be there to finish. It's love at first taste!

Razor's EdgeA savory blend of blood orange and fruit that is bursting with perky citrus notes, and infused with fragrant and tangy tropical notes.

KarmaA twist on the classic peaches and cream flavor with a couple drops of spice and VDK free custard, it's certainly an ADV

KrémCustard Matters. We are proud to introduce our amazingly delicious custard flavor. Imagine sitting down and enjoying a warm creme brûlée drenched in caramel with just a hint of honey to wash it all down. This flavor not only vapes great but fills the room up with an aroma that will have everyone asking you what you're vaping. Welcome to the party custard.

MarrakeshAn exotic Moroccan citrus drink flavor explosion.

CinnaVanilla BunA delicious blend of cinnamon, vanilla, and sweet cinnamon bun. It's sweet with a kick of spice that certainly qualifies for an all day vape.

Tiger's BloodA harmonious blend of strawberry and coconut. It tastes similar to Tigers Blood snow cones just without the ice. 

Celestial Dawn: A strawberry lemonade with a mysterious sweetness and a unique tart note to wash it all down.

Turkish DelightA rose & lemon candy flavor that will blow your mind. As seen in Narnia enjoyed thoroughly by Edmund.

Palmistry: A delicious blend of blueberry, pomegranate, with a hint of added tartness that makes this flavor still maintain throat hit while complimenting the smoothness of a higher vegetable glycerin blend.

Thieves: A blend of cinnamon, vanilla, and creamy spice. This flavor does not compromise on vapor production and taste.

Blu Rain: This is not your Grandmothers mixed fruit. Blu Rain is a mixed fruit flavor with a unique sour note. It’s hard to pin this flavor to one specific taste, it's very subjective, and always good. A cult classic and recently featured in ZampleBox with our House Blend.

Green Fairy: A blend of absinthe, kiwi, and spices. It’s a tasty spin on absinthe. You won't see any green fairies when you vape this e liquid, for some, that might be a disappointment.

We have spent months developing this high VG eliquid to deliver on promises that we have set for ourselves as an e Liquid company. Our promise for the eliquid we create must never compromise flavor for any other vaping experience, it must still contain the highest purity ingredients available in the market, and continue to be an affordable premium eliquid. This new line will feature our cobalt blue glass bottles available in 30ml, 60ml, and 120ml bottles with child resistant droppers. Check out the staff impressions below for their take on the new high VG e liquid line.

Quotables from AR eLiquid Co Staff

D. - Marketing
Finally a high VG line that doesn't compromise on throat hit and flavor.

Andy - Flavorist
It's the perfect blend of flavor and smoothness. With a subtle bite I've grown to appreciate.

Will - Flavorist
Searching for flavor, throat hit, and clouds this is it.

Alex - Web Development

No longer do you have to sacrifice flavor for competition style clouds.


Now what are you waiting for, grab a bottle from the Gypsy Juice eliquid line.