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2016 Spinfuel Choice Award Winners

Alex de Brantes on
2016 Spinfuel Choice Award Winners

AR eLiquid Co

Since we started Arkansas eLiquid in 2014, we have had one person in mind - you! We have pushed to satisfy the budget vaper with premium eliquid at an affordable price. It hasn’t always been like that. We used to charge premium prices, $57.99 for 120ml, and we decided that we needed to make a statement. The statement being; “Vaping should be cheaper than smoking.”

We have developed multiple lines of hand-crafted, top-shelf eliquid that is budget-friendly without sacrificing premium quality. While striving for excellence, at affordable prices, we are proud of the recognition we have received. We would like to brag about the multiple 2016 Choice Awards from SpinFuel.com!

SpinFuel is an online vaping magazine who's sole purpose is to review products and share news about and in the vaping industry. The judging for Choice Awards is done by a panel of four expert vapers that put all subjective likes and dislikes aside and focus on quality, consistency, flavor and flavor profile accuracy.

We submitted 13 of our flavors to SpinFuel. 7 White Lightning and 6 Gypsy Juice. They ended up awarding us 8 SpinFuel Choice Awards between the two lines. Below is a quick summary of each of the of flavor reviews that received a Choice Award.

White Lightning Liquids

Donut -
“If you like Chocolate donuts you will LOVE this new eliquid. Believe me when I tell you that on the exhale you will taste the EXACT flavor of a Dunkin Donuts chocolate donut. It is scary authentic.” Tom
Orange Dream -
“I have never, ever, vaped anything orange and loved it. I may have liked it, or tolerated it, but never loved it. This Orange Dream is the one I love.” Jason
Unicorn Cake -
“Unicorn Cake is rather simple, yet deeply satisfying. If you like cake vapes, Unicorn Cake is one you won’t want to miss.” Jason
Super Cereal -
"The milk, or creamy aspect of the flavor, brings it home and makes it super satisfying. Easily a winner, and tasty to boot.” Tom
S.K.Y -
"S.K.Y. is a blend of sweet ripe strawberry, absent any tartness, and a muted Kiwi flavor that somehow blends into what I can only call a “perfect” flavor.” Kiera

Gypsy Juice

Krém -
“I did not expect Krem to be so incredibly nuanced with flavor components of crème brûlée, caramel, and honey. I expected a good flavor, but I did not expect a collection of flavors so incredibly delicious that I instantly placed it into my rotation.” Julia
Tiger’s Blood -
“Both the strawberry and coconut flavors change when mixed together, creating a unique flavor all its own. Today I would describe this unique flavor as “coming from the shadows”. I swear, as good as it is, it feels like an underground eliquid, definitely not a mainstream eliquid flavor.” Tom
Marrakesh -
“ ‘Satisfying’ is not usually associated with a fun flavor, and Marrakesh is fun to vape.” Kiera
Although not every one of our submissions received a SpinFuel Choice Award, we are very excited to share the wonderful reviews we received. Here are some of excerpts from our non award receiving juice reviews.

White Lightning Liquids

Berry Blast -
“you can taste each of the flavor components; the raspberry, the blueberry, the strawberry and even the banana. It’s unique, bold and beautiful. An instant addition to my rotation!” Kiera
El Flan -
“El Flan would make a fine addition to any rotation that includes a custard category. In fact, if custard is your thing it can easily be an all-day-vape because it vapes smoothly, without hitting you over the head.” Jason


Gypsy Juice

Celestial Dawn -


“Trust me when I tell you that this eliquid can produce a ton of vapor, so if you like lemonade, real lemonade, you’ll like this.” Kiera
Razor’s Edge -
“ On the exhale that bitterness takes over while crushing the sweeter flavor notes on the way out.” Tom
Charmed Robbery -
“on the inhale you’ll suffer or delight in a big sour flavor flooding the tastebuds…but on the exhale it quickly changes to a peaceful sweetness of berries in overdrive. A must-vape for sour devotees.” Kiera
We are happy that SpinFuel took the time to review all 13 of our submissions, and even more happy that they found it in their taste buds to award 8 of those submissions with a 2016 SpinFuel Choice Award.

We invite you to take a look at the reviews yourself. They can be found at the following links:

White Lighting Liquids

Gypsy Juice



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