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Buy Cheap eLiquid with a Premium Taste

Alex de Brantes on

Hello friends.

As many of you know, we have been manufacturing Premium Juice at AR eLiquid for almost two years now. We sold our eliquid at industry standard "premium" prices for 22 out of the past 24 months (just like everyone else.) Up through July 2015 we charged $57.99 for a 120ml, $17.99 for a 30ml, and $9.99 for a 15ml retail. After exhausting our efforts by competing for shelf space and customer loyalty with with a tidal wave of new eliquid companies fighting for the same shelf space and customers every day, we were searching for how we could be different, stand out from the crowd and truly serve our shops and customers better. During our last (very successful) 50% off sale we looked at our numbers and we saw the truth of the matter. Our most successful months were every month we ran a 50% off sale! We simply couldn't argue with those results staring us in the face.

That's when we decided to slash our prices in half permanently. We decided to offer seriously cheap eliquid with top-of-the-line Premium quality and taste. We are committed to manufacturing Premium eLiquid that wont break your wallet. Arkansas has specialized and is known for it's "falling prices" for quite some time. If you look at Sam Walton, he built his empire buy selling the same products for substantially less than his competitors, and that drove substantially more customers to his stores than anyone elses. 

Let's face it with vapor devices getting more and more powerful each day, it's pretty common for drippers and sub-ohm vapers to blow through 30ml of eliquid in a day (that's approximately two 120ml bottles a week!!). At that rate, vaping can become a very expensive habit if you are spending $60-$80 per 120ml bottle. The majority of our customers (ourselves included) began looking for cheaper options because vaping can and should be a cheaper alternative to smoking tobacco. When we first released our Max VG Gypsy Juice line through ZampleBox. It was intended to be a premium juice line. Cobalt blue glass bottles, awesome labels, quality flavors = Premium Juice. We haven't changed a single ingredient or method we are just saving money buy buying in larger quantities and are passing that savings on to our customers. Our new price points make our juice both "Premium eLiquid" AND "Cheap eLiquid" at the same time! Now you can buy AReLiquid & Gypsy Juice brands for the following prices: 120ml for $2060ml for $15, and 30ml for $9.99!!!

Remember, just because you can buy cheap eliquid from us through our site and our shops, does not mean we have compromised quality. We continue to use only the best Nicotine (Nic Select), 99.7% Kosher Grade Vegetable Glycerin, and high-quality, US sourced flavors we always have. In addition to our price breaks, we are adding some fantastic new lines and items to store in partnership with Mojo Vapors, and other select manufacturers. 


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