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Benefits Of Using Vaping To Quit Smoking

Alex de Brantes on
Benefits Of Using Vaping To Quit Smoking

If you're ready to give up smoking for good, choosing between the different quitting methods is often the first hurdle you face. With such a wealth of options out there, from patches and gums to using an ecig, how do you find the right one for you?

Today's Nicotine Replacement Options

One of the biggest problems faced by people who are quitting the habit is finding a way of replacing the essential nicotine intake without using cigarettes. Over the years, a number of different options have been developed to address this issue and today there are many possibilities including:

  • Patches
  • Gums
  • Inhalers
  • Lozenges
  • Nasal sprays

Recently, however, there has been another option that smokers wanting to quit have been able to consider – using ecigarettes.

The Problems With Traditional Nicotine Replacement Methods

One of the greatest problems with traditional nicotine replacement methods is that, while they can replace the nicotine content in cigarettes, they cannot replace the other elements of using cigarettes which smokers become so reliant on – the habit of holding something in their hand and the ritual hand to mouth action that they become so dependant on. Without a way of replacing that physical movement, it can be difficult to successfully quit the habit.

How Can Vaping Help?

When using an ecig, vapers naturally replicate a similar hand to mouth action to the one they would have used while smoking. The familiar experience of holding something in their hand and drawing on the mouthpiece is close enough to smoking a cigarette to enable many smokers to feel more comfortable and more capable of giving up. As an added bonus, there are many high quality tobacco flavored eliquid varieties out there that even replicate the taste of smoking, and by using a familiar tasting vape liquid, the process of quitting becomes easier. Also, as eliquids are available in a range of nicotine strengths, it's possible to start at a higher level and then gradually lower the nicotine intake until it is possible to manage without. It is much easier to do this through the use of vape liquids than by using other options like patches or sprays.

Why Consider Vaping?

Although the long term consequences of vaping aren't yet fully known, evidence has shown that vaping eliquids eliminates many of the harmful elements associated with smoking tobacco cigarettes. As no combustion takes place when using an ecig, the hazardous chemicals which enter the lungs are eliminated, making vaping a safer alternative. Vaping also eliminates some of the other unpleasant aspects of smoking, with no unpleasant odors to linger on the clothes, skin, hair and home, and no staining of the teeth and fingers. As it's also possible to choose from an enormous variety of eliquids, you can try out all kinds of exciting flavors from traditional tobacco to dessert and fruity tastes.

If you're ready to quit the habit, vaping could be the ideal solution for you. We have an exciting range of vape liquids for you to choose from that will make giving up cigarettes much easier.


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