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What is a Clapton Coil

What is a Clapton Coil

Clapton Coils

A Clapton Coil, quite simply is two wires coiled together to create one string of wire. Think of it as tight spring coiled around a single core. The core wire is generally a thicker gauge than the outer coulee wire. This results in something which closely resembles a guitar string.

The Benefits of using a Clapton Coil?

The idea behind a clapton coil is to add more surface area to your coils without drastically lowering the resistance of the finished coil. The end result is a coil that retains the resistance of the core wire, but is larger in diameter due to the outer wrapped wire. The extra surface area provides a more flavorful vaping experience in comparison to single wire builds.

Why are Clapton Coils So Special?

  • Increased surface area = MORE FLAVOR
  • Wicks stay wet longer
  • Increased vapor production
  • Increased amounts of juice retention in coils
  • Long lasting

If you are looking to try out a clapton coil, we have many to choose from in a variety of resistances.