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  • What's Going On | 11/17/2017

What's Going On | 11/17/2017

Alex de Brantes on

A few things have happened this week that we want to share with you. We have some exciting new additions to our offerings as well as sales and giveaways.

Launch of Good Juice

The launch of Good is going great! Thank you to everyone for their feedback with our new line. It has been so positive, and we appreciate it very much.

 Flavor Concentrates Now Available

Addition of flavor concentrate and USP grade vegetable glycerin to our store. We have tons of flavors to choose from. Mix up your own with VG or add to juice you already have for a unique flavor profile exclusive to you.

Good Juice Giveaway

Good Trio giveaway. If you haven’t entered, head over to http://arliq.co/Giveaway and enter today! There are only 5 days left before we draw our 5 winners.
Juice of the Week

Juice of the Week

Get 25% off Hella Good Juice with coupon code JOTW during checkout. This will only last until we announce our next Juice of the Week so be sure to take advantage of this 25% off while you can.

In addition to everything above, this week we also added some new accessories to our online store. Go check them out. You may find something you like.


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