Sponsorship Program

Our mission here at Arkansas eLiquid is to provide affordably priced eliquid to our customers, as well as offer them the hardware to maximize their vape experience.

With our sponsorship program, we are dedicated to spreading our mission through our community of customers and followers. We know that there is no better form of marketing than word of mouth, from an authentic customer experience.

When we are looking to endorse fellow vapers, we look for individuals who are dedicated in maintaining their current position with the given platforms they choose to operate on. We do this in multiple ways covered below.

If you are interested in becoming an endorsed ambassador for Arkansas eLiquid, read over our requirements to ensure you are ready to get started when you apply.



Requirement #2 – Of course, you have to love vaping. We keep our eye out for individuals with a passion and overall knowledge of vaping and the community surrounding it.

Requirement #3 – Strong social media / influential presence. Here are the average numbers we are looking for when you apply. (No - you do not need to have these numbers on each and every platform.)

  • Instagram: 3,000 followers
  • Facebook Page: 1,000 likes
  • Facebook Group: 1,000 members (must be an admin of the group)
  • Twitter: 5,000 followers
  • Instagram: 3,000 followers
  • Blog or website: 200 unique views per day.

Requirement #4 – Your commitment to promoting and sharing content.

  • Share our brand on your media outlets at lease 6x per month
  • Share your 10% off discount code with your followers

What’s in it for you:

Monthly supply of eliquid. We will send out juice each month. The amount is determined upon approval and relies on many different factors.

Those that are endorsed ambassadors will receive first looks and samples of new products, as well as exclusive discounts on everything in our store.

If you prove yourself to be dedicated to our program, we will enroll you in our affiliate program. What this means is, each time someone uses your 10% off promo code, you will also earn a commission on each sale.


If you are interested and feel like you are ready to apply, given the requirements above, submit your application below with as much relevant information as possible and we will get back to you with a decision.


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